NEWSBREAK: China renames copper renewable materials under five categories; ali gets three

The Chinese government published the long-awaited non-ferrous scrap metal renaming criterion on its website late on Friday January 17.

This is the latest policy adopted by the world’s biggest scrap metal importer. Copper scrap, of copper content ranging 94-99.9% and meeting certain impurities thresholds, will be renamed under five categories of renewable materials.

Below is a table translated and compiled by Fastmarkets, comparing the finalized standards of copper renewable materials and the specifications internationally adopted by the scrap certification circular from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI):

The finalized standards have more generous copper content requirement than the proposal. For instance, the minimum copper content for No 3 copper nodules has been reduced to 94% from 98% previously proposed.

Meanwhile, aluminium scrap will be renamed under three categories of renewable materials. Those eligible for renaming are cast aluminium alloy scrap, zorba and secondary aluminium ingots under certain metal content and metal recovery rates as set out below:

China bought 1.42 million tonnes of copper and brass scrap, as well as 1.36 million tonnes of aluminium scrap, from overseas sources over the first 11 months of 2019

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