How to Pick The Right Crypto Brokerage Platform

Cryptocurrency is believed by many to be the future of finance. While some investors still hold on to traditional assets like Gold, others strongly support and advertise cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.  

As the price of Bitcoin continues to soar without relenting, many people flood into the crypto community, each wanting to grab a share either by trading or investing. 

Unfortunately, many who jump into cryptocurrency trading often ignore the essential things to do before choosing a crypto brokerage platform and, as a result, fall into the hands of scammers.

If you are reading this article to go into crypto trading or for knowledge’s sake, then continue scrolling as we would delve into some important factors to consider to choose the best crypto brokers.

What to Look Out For In a Crypto Broker

  • Excellent Reputation

The reputation of any organization matters, and that includes that of brokerage platforms too. Finding out a platform’s reputation before signing up will help you know what you are getting into. 

An excellent way to find out a brokerage platform’s reputation is to look up reviews on that company. You can find such reviews online with just a few clicks.

The few minutes you take to research this will save you the heartbreak that comes with falling into the wrong hands since such reviews will help you decide if you can trust a platform with your funds.

  • Security

Some traders lose their funds not because the brokerage platform they use scammed them but because the platform itself was attacked. Therefore you would agree with me that a brokerage’s security needs to be considered too when making choices. This step is critical.

When considering a platform, find out the kind of security features they offer. 2FA or two-factor authentication is the latest and enhanced feature of every security system. So if that platform you are considering does not have this security feature, it would be wise to tick it off your list.

  • Experience

Experience might not always breed wisdom or reliability in the case of brokerage platform choices, but it can be important. This statement means that the long-standing history of a platform might not always make it the best, but it shows such a company has potential and can be trusted. 

For a brokerage platform to thrive for years, there are chances that it has been doing something right, making people rely on it after such a long period.

  • Firm financial backing and insurance

When choosing a platform for crypto trading, you would consider platforms that are not likely to shut down easily out because they run out funds. 

No one would like his funds to disappear due to his brokerage platform going bankrupt or not having an insurance cover to cater for unforeseeable losses such as that caused by a security breach.

  • Fees

Every trader or investor’s goal is to make profits and not incur heavy liabilities. Every brokerage platform charges specific amounts on every trade one makes. These charges fall under fees and commissions. 

The cost of fees differs from one platform to another. Some charge considerable amounts of fees, while others might charge higher. As a broker, ensure to clarify what kind of fees and how much a company charges to avoid incurring high costs as traders are usually charged on a percentage-per-trade basis.

  • Supported For Fiat Currencies

As an investor, you would need a mechanism to exchange your fiat into crypto or the profits you make from trading cryptocurrencies into your national currency [fiat].

Therefore, when choosing brokerage platforms, look for one with fiat options so that you won’t have any problems whenever you want to enter or leave the crypto world. It would also be wise to confirm if the fiat option a platform offer is compatible with your bank account.

  • Professional trading features

Not all who go into cryptocurrency trading are professionals. Even professionals will sometimes make mistakes; therefore, a good brokerage platform should provide useful advanced trading features that would help investors reduce expensive mistakes.

Some of these helpful features include demo trading, technical analysis tools, managing accounts easily, and carrying out trades in the market. 

A good brokerage platform should also provide up to date information on cryptocurrencies, and this can include cfd trading tips to help traders surf through the waves of the crypto world.

  • Customer care service

Traders can experience troubles at any time of the day while trading on a platform; thus, a good brokerage platform should have 24/7 customer care service to attend to such issues.

To effectively satisfy customers’ needs, a technical team should support the customer care service for more experienced and professional help. 

This step can take more time and can go beyond just doing research. Practicals can come in handy as a trader might have to go through a great deal of trial and error.  


To be termed a good crypto brokerage platform, a platform must have a good reputation, required security features, a great deal of experience, and reliable financial backup. 

A good brokerage should also offer affordable fees & commission, provide a fiat exchange mechanism, helpful trading features, with a quality and satisfying customer care service to assist their clients.

While it is prudent to consider these helpful factors before choosing a trading platform, the final decision depends on you, as the broker. Hence, this article was not written to take that role away from you.

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