HFTrading Review: A Regulated CFDs Broker in Australia

At one time or the other in your journey as a trader, you need to find a brokerage platform that allows you complete access to the financial market.

For beginners, the opportunity to choose a brokerage platform comes right after they complete their training on how to trade. For experienced traders, however, this choice often comes off the back of a disappointing experience with their current broker.

A disappointing experience with brokers could be a result of any of the following factors:

  • Limited Markets

Some traders or investors hold assets in different markets such as currencies, stocks, commodities, indices, and even cryptocurrencies. However, not many brokers offer a single platform for investors to get exposure to these diverse markets.

  • Deposit or Withdrawal Issues

On some shady brokerage platforms, it is often easier to deposit money than to withdraw money. On others, both processes can be tiring, and sometimes take several days. Instead of continuing to deal with these issues, some brokers simply begin the search

  • Moving to a New Location

Regulatory requirements mean that brokers cannot offer services to a certain jurisdiction. Therefore, when traders move to a different country, they often have to search for the brokerage platform that works in their new location.

Ultimately, it is possible to find a suitable broker that offers all the tools and functionalities you need irrespective of your location. 

In this article, we focus on HFTrading a regulated CFDs trading platform that serves traders based in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re from these regions and looking for a reliable platform to trade CFDs, you’ll be interested in this review that covers what you can expect on the platform.

Before we dive in, though, let’s quickly explain what CFDs are in case you’re new to trading.

What are Contract-for-Differences (CFDs)?

Contract-for-differences or CFDs for short, are derivatives products that offer investors the opportunity to speculate on movements in the price an underlying asset, without actually owning those assets.

When trading CFDs, an investor’s portfolio sees gain if the price of the asset performs as he predicted it will on the day the contract is settled. If the price action goes otherwise, then he’ll lose money.

It is for these reasons that most brokers always issue a reminder that CFDs are inherently risky and can lead to severe losses if not managed properly. At the same time, CFDs trading provides unique profit opportunities, a factor that explains its growing popularity among investors.

Having explained what CFDs are, let’s review the features of HFTrading, and why many traders in Australia and New Zealand choose the platform for CFDs trading.

HFTrading Review

Trade All Financial Markets Via CFDs

We mentioned earlier that the ability to trade the different financial markets that exist has eluded some traders, forcing some to hold accounts on multiple brokerage platforms. But that is where CFDs come to the rescue since there’s no need to hold the underlying assets.

On HFTrading you can access over 300+ markets via CFDs. These include:

  • Forex CFDs
  • Index Trading CFDs
  • Commodities CFDs
  • Stocks and ETF CFDs
  • Cryptocurrencies CFDs

In summary, you can get exposure to assets in all these markets simultaneously using a single platform.

Suitable to All Kind of Traders

The multiple account types of HFTrading is designed to cater to both novices, advanced, and professional traders.

The Silver Account is the beginners’ account, offering limited but enough tools for someone who is new to trading to make the most out of market opportunities. Among other things, a trader holding this account can trade with 1.8 minimum spread, leverage up to 1:200, and access to over 300 markets.

Advanced traders prefer the Gold Account as it unlocks more opportunities, including spreads from 0.05%, leverage up to 1:400, 25% swap discounts, a dedicated account manager, and access to educational webinars and videos.

Lastly, the Platinum Account is for professional-level traders who have built a track record in the financial markets. As one would expect, this account type offers the most benefits, including, a 50% swap discount, higher leverage positions, news, alert, free VPS, a dedicated account manager, and spreads starting from 0.03.

Seamless Deposits and Withdrawals

The speed at which a trader can move funds unto and out of a brokerage platform may be the difference between opening the right trading positions or losing funds at the end of the day. 

To prevent significant issues with this process, HFTrading supports multiple payment gateways that are available to Australians and New Zealanders. You can deposit or withdraw money from the broker via Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, and more.

Reliable Support Desk

Riding the financial market is already enough stress for a trader. Add that to the stress of having to deal with technical glitches trading platform, and that would be just enough to ruin any traders’ day. At a time like that, however, having a reliable support desk at your beck and call could be priceless.

When you choose to sign-up with HFTrading, you’re choosing to receive such reliable customer support 24/5. You can reach out to the team at any time via the LiveChat option on the website, email, or telephone.

Additionally, advanced complaints may be resolved by filing a complaint form on the broker’s and mailing it to the physical office address. Following an in-depth investigation, you’ll receive a notification on the company’s decision on or before 45 days. 

If you’re not happy with the decision, you can as well submit a written complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) so that the matter will be reviewed and judged accordingly.

A Loaded Education Center

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and for more beginner traders, the first step is trying to consume as many relevant materials as you about how the financial markets operate.

Instead of watching random videos on YouTube, beginners can take advantage of the suite of free basic learning tools available on HFTrading. 

At the time of writing, available guides, and videos cover different aspects of trading including emotion management, market chances and risks, technical analysis, currency pairs, trading rules, pips, and many more.

Demo Account

HFTrading gives individuals with little to no experience about CFDs and derivatives trading, the opportunity to create a demo account. This account comes with virtual money and a simulated trading environment.

Thus, beginners can get a clearer knowledge about how CFDs work without putting their own funds on the line. After this training process, beginners’ can refill the questionnaire for new clients and wait for approval from the broker before making a deposit to trade with real money.

Note that, while the use of a questionnaire may seem restrictive, it is designed to protect inexperienced investors from losing their money while trading CFDs. The risks are significantly lower for experienced investors.

Multi-Platform Support

The chance to analyze, open and close trade positions from any device is one that most traders cherish, especially as we continue to migrate to a mobile-first world. HFTrading identifies and solves this unique challenge by providing its trading platform on the desktop (Meta Trader 4), web, and mobile. 

Clients only need to create a single account, and then sign-in on their preferred device to enable automatic synchronization. This flexibility allows anyone anywhere with internet access to take advantage of market-moving opportunities without breaking a sweat.

Signing-Up on HFTrading

The process of signing up on HFTrading is pretty straightforward whether you’re using the web, desktop, or mobile

First, you need to fill a form providing information about yourself and your level of trading experience via a questionnaire. Once your information is approved, you can deposit funds on your account and start trading.

Questions You May Have About HFTrading

Is HFTrading Regulated?

Yes. HFTrading is a regulated CFDs broker in Australia. The brokerage platform is operated by CTRL Investments Ltd, a New Zealand incorporated financial services company, and a foreign-registered business in Australia. 

CTRL is authorized and regulated by the New Zealand Financial Market Authority (FMA), and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

One benefit that HFTrading being heavily regulated holds for clients is that the company is regularly audited and must file annual reports to maintain solvency. Additionally, it has implemented a professional indemnity insurance policy (PI policy) to covers claims made clients who lose money as a result of the broker’s conduct in the provision of financial services.

In summary, you can expect that both your personal information and funds stored with HFTrading are secure at all times. This peace of mind allows you to focus on maximizing market opportunities, rather than worry about security.

Does This Broker Offer an Islamic Account?

Yes. Although not the largest population, a handful of traders with Islamic faith live in Australia and New Zealand. 

If you fall into this category, then you will likely find it interesting that HFTrading does offer an Islamic account that allows clients to comply with Sharia law. There will be zero commissions on margined positions and no fees for positions that are left overnight. At the same time, you can access all the regular tools that other traders use to navigate the market.

Note, however, that the Islamic account feature is not available on the Silver Plan. Only Gold and Platinum account holders on HFTrading can enjoy the Islamic account functionality.

Can I Trade With Leverage?

Yes. HFTrading supports leveraged trading across all its account types. Leveraged positions could be anywhere around 1:200 to 1:500 across different assets and markets, depending on the trader’s experience.

Trading with too much leverage can lead to substantial losses, a reason while we recommend that new traders try to win the market without leveraged trading.

Does The Broker Accept Crypto Deposits?

No. Although HFTrading allows clients to invest in crypto-backed CFDs including for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can fund your account with the broker by depositing cryptocurrency on the platform. 

Will this option become available in the future? Only time will tell.

Do I Have to Submit KYC Data

Yes. To access all the features on HFTrading, you’ll need to submit some personal and perhaps business information. Generally, this is designed to protect you from identity theft and possible involvement with money laundering.

Some KYC data you need to get your account verified include an identity card, a utility bill, and proof-of-experience (for clients looking to create a professional account). Once you have these documents ready, the signup process should be done within a few minutes so that you can start trading.

I Live Outside Australia and New Zealand. Can I Still Signup?

No. HFTrading at this time only offers its services to traders in Australia and New Zealand. Users trying to access the website from another location will see the message: “We do not provide services in your country.”

Also, any attempt to skirt this ban via the use of a VPN could be futile as well, since a KYC process must be completed before an account is verified.

Does This Broker Charge Inactivity Fees?

Yes. Trading accounts with less than five trades per month for two consecutive months will attract an inactivity fee to maintain the account. On the other hand, the broker does not charge any commissions on deposits and withdrawals.

What Can Be Improved?

Despite being close to perfection, a number of improvements will likely make HFTrading more appealing to prospective clients. For instance, the broker could roll out a copy trading feature or include support for more language and other countries near its primary userbase, Australia, and New Zealand.

Final Words

In this HFTrading review, we considered the features of what is turning out to be one of the best-regulated CFDs brokers in Australia. We also answered some questions that you may have about the platform and will leave it up to you to decide whether or not you want to check them.

Rest assured, however, that irrespective of your trading profile (beginner or expert), you likely find that the broker can satisfy all your CFDs trading needs. 

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