Global CTB Review – Trade Cryptocurrencies like a Pro

Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency to be introduced almost 11 years ago, in 2009. The purpose of this new digital currency was to eliminate the middlemen like banks and other financial institutions, but they were making very slow progress. The real change came in 2017 when Bitcoin experienced its meteoric rise and its price hit $19,000 in December. Since then, they have become a force to be reckoned with and the market has expanded significantly. As of January 2020, there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the market and new ones are also under development.

When Bitcoin reached an all-time high, there were many people who made millions because they had the foresight to invest in it. These days, there are lots of traders who want to replicate their success by investing in cryptocurrencies. With greater options, everyone can invest in cryptocurrencies, even if they have a small budget. But, in order to do so, you first need to find a crypto broker. Due to the popularity of this instrument, there are numerous brokers that offer cryptocurrency trading opportunities. However, you need to be cautious in choosing one because the crypto market has been rampant with brokerage scams and everyone wants to avoid them at all costs.

When you want a broker that specializes in crypto trading and is capable of offering well-rounded and reliable services, Global CTB is an excellent option to consider. The team behind this broker comprises of former traders with considerable knowledge of the workings of trading markets. This has put them in the position of providing effective and useful trading solutions for others. Moreover, as their platform is geared towards cryptocurrency, Global CTB has incorporated all features that can play an important role in trading these virtual assets. If you are wondering about the offerings of Global CTB, you can take a look at them below:

  • The broker is fully registered

You have a choice between regulated and unregulated crypto brokers in the market. While the latter may offer more conveniences, opting for the former is a better option because it automatically provides you with a level of security. Registered and regulated brokers are monitored by an independent third-party and are required to follow strict rules and guidelines in their operations. They have to maintain transparency and in case of disputes, the regulatory authority can provide assistance. Global CTB is aware of all the pros of regulation and have chosen to provide its clients with this peace of minds. Cryptocurrencies are quite volatile and carry an inherent risk; trading with a regulated broker can reassure traders because they have one less thing to worry about.

  • The broker offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies

Those days are long gone when there were only a handful of cryptocurrencies in the market, after Bitcoin. Nowadays, there are thousands of options and some are quite promising. Lots of people who want to join the crypto market are looking for the next Bitcoin in the making. Therefore, it is a given that you would want to opt for a broker that can give you access to as many cryptocurrencies as possible. Global CTB will meet your needs in this regard quite well because the broker has added a wide range of crypto to their offerings.

One of the best things about Global CTB is that rather than adding all cryptocurrencies, it does research and only incorporates legitimate and strong options that have a high potential for profit. With this broker, you can trade market leaders like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more, but that’s not all. The broker has also added hard forks of different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash to their offerings. This provides traders with the opportunity of diversifying their portfolio as much as possible and keeping their risks under control.

  • The broker has kept account sign up simple

The problem with most crypto brokers in the market is that there is a lot of bureaucracy involved. Lots of paperwork has to be filled out and there are lengthy and drawn out verification procedures, which can be incredibly frustrating. When you have made up your mind to become a crypto trader, you want to start right away. Understanding this need, Global CTB has ensured that their sign up procedure is as simple and straightforward as possible.

Whether you are someone who is completely new to the trading world or have some experience in other markets, the process doesn’t take you longer than a couple of minutes. Global CTB asks its customers to provide some essential information for registering themselves on the platform. These include name, email address, date of birth, phone number and a password. Within a few minutes, you will be registered with the broker and can move onto the next stage.

  • The broker has introduced various account options

When your registration is complete, you need to choose an account type before you can start trading cryptocurrencies. Global CTB also offers its clients with a number of account choices, similar to other brokers. The purpose of creating different account types is to accommodate traders of varying needs. After all, not all traders are the same; some are new to crypto trading while others have done it before. There are also those who make their living from crypto trading. Each of these people will need different tools, features and services and the account options are designed to help them out. The account options you will find at Global CTB are:

  • Basic Account: Having a minimum deposit requirement of $250, this is the first account option at Global CTB and has been developed for complete novices. 24/6 customer support, Daily Market Review, a welcome bonus of 30%, PRO webinars and access to education portal is provided to these newbies.
  • Beginner Account: The minimum deposit requirement for this one is $10,000 and it is for those who have a little bit of experience. Therefore, the welcome bonus is increased to 40% and users are provided with a junior account manager to help them expand their knowledge and get some guidance.
  • Medium Account: This account option is for intermediate traders with adequate knowledge of crypto trading. The deposit requirement is increased to $25,000 and the welcome bonus is now 60%. As trades become more lucrative and bigger, traders are provided with a senior account manager to handle their growing needs.
  • Advanced Account: The name indicates that this account is for advanced traders and they need to deposit $50,000 for opening this account. The bonus they receive is 70% and it is time for a VIP account manager because there are multiple trades to be managed simultaneously and a lot more advanced strategies are applied.
  • Pro Account: This one is aimed at professional traders in the crypto market who can afford to deposit around $100,000 and will definitely enjoy the welcome bonus of 80%. Advanced trading signals and many other perks are available in this account option.
  • VIP Account: This account option is the last one available at Global CTB and it is offered exclusively to traders who have a high trading volume. For more details about account eligibility and the perks it offers, you need to get in touch with your account manager and they will guide you on what to do.
  • The broker has robust security measures

Security concerns are not something to be taken lightly, especially in today’s market where scams and frauds are rampant. Every other day, there is an incident involving a brokerage. Hundreds of traders have had their funds compromised or their identity stolen and had to deal with the disastrous consequences. Therefore, they have become extremely conscious about the security measures implemented by brokers as they don’t want to be vulnerable to such problems. Global CTB has incorporated robust security measures to help their clients in managing the risks.

Since Global CTB is a regulated broker, it maintains segregated accounts for its clients. This means that the broker’s funds are kept separate and there is no possibility of a mix up. Furthermore, the broker stores the funds with the top investment banks, thereby minimizing the risk of any theft. They also offer a compensation scheme to their traders under which they will be compensated if the broker goes bankrupt. Apart from that, Global CTB has taken advantage of the sophisticated technology that exists today. They use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for any communications and information shared by the traders.

Hence, even if hackers gain access to the network, they will not be able to make sense of any information. Also, firewalls are quite strong and the website is regularly monitored to identify any weaknesses so they can be fixed. Two-factor authentication is also applicable for keeping trading accounts as secure as possible.

  • The broker has an easy deposit process

In order to start trading cryptocurrencies, traders have to first add funds to the account they have made. The same applies to Global CTB. After making an account with the broker, you have to deposit funds in order to start trading. The problem with most brokers is that it is a lengthy process as a request has to be submitted and there may not be many methods available for adding funds. Global CTB has kept things simple and easy for everyone because it is aware that not everyone has a background in trading.

You can easily find the Deposit Now button in your account and clicking on it will give you a list of options you can use for adding your funds. You can choose to add funds via wire transfer, use Visa or MasterCard or you can directly use any cryptocurrency you have for funding your account with Global CTB. As soon as the transaction is complete, the funds will be made available in your account. However, you should remember that wire transfers taken a few days to be processed.

  • The broker ensures withdrawals are fuss free

While trading cryptocurrencies, you will certainly make a profit at some point and would want to withdraw it. The problem with most brokers in the market is that they often make it immensely difficult for traders to withdraw their earnings. It can make the entire process quite stressful because you have made an effort to earn that money. Global CTB ensures that you don’t have to put up with any obstacles for making withdrawals through their platform. Similar to deposits, you can easily find the Withdrawals button in your account. The same three methods can be used for withdrawing and you will only need to specify the amount you want. No charges are applicable on withdrawals, which is undoubtedly an advantage. A minimum withdrawal requirement of $100 is applicable and the request can be cancelled if it hasn’t been processed.

Nonetheless, you should note that your request will first have to be approved before it is processed. As for the processing time, it varies according to the method you have chosen.

  • The broker offers 24/6 customer support

During the trading process, there will be times when you will have questions about what to do about a particular tool or there could be complaints and problems. What do you do about them? You get in touch with customer support. The trouble is that not every broker has been attentive to customer support, but Global CTB doesn’t fall into this category. Customer satisfaction is a priority for them and so they have added an FAQ section where detailed answers can be sought for common problems. You can also get in touch with their representatives through email, live chat or phone, if you don’t find the answer.

Is it a Smart Choice?

Yes, Global CTB can turn out to be a very smart choice when you are looking for a crypto broker. They have kept up with market advancements and have developed a strong and helpful trading environment for global traders. Whether it is top notch customer support or diverse account options, Global CTB can offer you all.

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